Google ready to turn driver less cars in to a business. They have been tested driver less car in California and Texas. So they have chosen a John Craft check who is auto industry veteran hired a leader for this project. He has decodes of experience in this industry. As he is well experienced person he has designed the car in a very nice manner. He is the president of true Previously some future annalist says that this may be the beginning of the end of the vehicles with the drivers.

                                                            We all know that 97% of the road accidents are occurred due to the man’s failures. So the amount of lives that are lost from the road accidents are increased day by day. So as a solution for that question google has decided to introduce the driver less car to the market. This car has so many special features that are separated from the common car.

                                                                                                    This car has very special hardware equipment to give the safety of the people. This is having radar sensor, video camera, GPS technology, laser sensor, ultrasonic sensor etc.   Car is having the ability of making safety decisions. This car use GPS technology to catch the positions with customized google maps. In order to select the best track of the car, radar is positioned in front and back of the car to keep the tracks of the vehicles of the rad. The laser sensors rotate 360⁰ degrees and detect the distance between the car and surrounded objects. It is very special feature of this car as it is preventing the vehicles from the accidents. A video camera behind the car helps to read the traffic lights and road signs. So the car can easily identifies them while driving. And also it has limited speed of 40km/h to help ensure safety. It has flexible plastic designed windscreen to reduce injuries.

                                                       Google says that they have used maps in very detailed manner. It is mapping what other vehicles are going to do in the road. Really it is very complex to even to do mind mapping to man also. There is a system to understand the difference between the people on the road and the people who control traffic. This system clearly shows the path by using a green line and motions of the vehicles using different color lines.

Most of the time driver has to make the car parking .but in this type of vehicles there is no need of helping of a man to do parking as the car can parking by itself. So this driver less car is marvelous and gives the uttermost support to us. It saves our time and reduces the amount of accidents in the roads.