Are you a gaming geek? Then for sure, you might have heard about the rumours that Google is to enter into the game streaming space. These rumours were revolving around the world for quite a long time. Finally, it has become a reality! A few days back, the tech giant of the modern world, Google, has officially announced its new game streaming service, Project Stream.

What will happen with ‘Project Stream’?

The main aim of ‘Project Stream’  is to call a ‘technical test’ to solve the issues around interactive video streaming. Issues such as buffering and graphical degradation, are common issues which frustrate the gamers immensely. It’s clear that Google mainly wants to address these issues through this project.

Google unveils ‘Project Stream’ with the partnership of the French Publisher Ubisoft. The most interesting fact is that the users will not need a gaming PC or console hardware to join with this project. Google and Ubisoft together will allow the users to play these games through their Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop.

Google’s announcement with regard to Project Stream reveals that they are to commence this testing phase from 5th October 2018. Furthermore, they are ready to test their gaming streaming capabilities using Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

What is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the name of the video game which Google has chosen to initiate this project with. This game by Ubisoft seems to be a game with a unique flavour. It says that Odyssey puts the player in the role of a sellsword in the midst of a violent war. I’m sure that the historical setting Ubisoft has created, the flow of the game and the increased focus on character development attracts the gamers more and more towards this game.

How to join with Project Stream?

This is a project which is mainly associated with testing. Therefore only a limited number of users will be given the opportunity to join this project. Interested parties are given the chance to sign up via the official Google Project Stream page. Yet Google’s announcement gives out few conditions on who can apply.

The most significant condition is that anyone who’s trying out the service must be a US resident and at least 17 years old. Therefore even if you are a game enthusiast, yet if you are away from the US, you simply miss the chance of even applying to participate.

There are a few more requirements mentioned. Some of them are having a reliable internet access which has a speed of at least 25mbps, having Google Chrome, and a Google account. Just imagine how lucky the chosen group of applicants will be! The chance they get to access this game for about three months, without any cost would be really amazing.

Project Stream is just the first step of Google towards Game Streaming. Of course, Google might be having a number of plans lined up to invade the field of gaming as well. I’m sure that Google will go viral with amazing Gaming services in the years to come. We’ll hope for the best!