Were you also addicted to your smart phone sometime back? Anyway I’m quite sure that Google, with the introduction of their Digital Wellbeing Feature, helped you massively to keep a balance between your smart phone and your life. Last year at Google I/O 2018, Google introduced a host of new digital well-being tools aimed at helping people better manage their screen time, track app usage and configure their device’s “do not disturb” settings. However few days back, Google updated its suite of tools to include some new features. Today with this article let me share about those new features with you…

The ‘Focus Mode’

Focus Mode is one of the new features for Android devices, introduced by Google as an enhancement of its Digital Wellbeing feature. With this you can turn off the apps you personally find distracting while you’re trying to sit down and get things done. As Tech Crunch reports, this will make you able to disable updates from distracting social media apps or email, but choose to leave texting on so family members could reach you in an emergency.

Of course this cannot be named as a feature which will assist reduce your screen time, yet it’s about finding balance between when it’s time to work and when it’s not, and what things deserve our attention at a given time.

Google Family Link

This is Google’s software that lets parents control what kids can do on their devices, and also track their usage. With this service parents can set time limits for kids on specific apps. This is quite similar to what Amazon’s Free Time parental control offers, yet this differs because this allows parents to limit certain apps they believe are distractions to children.

With this updates another new feature named ‘bonus time’, will allow parents to give kids extra screen time apart from their scheduled time limits. This could help kids who need just a few more minutes to wrap up what they’re doing on their device, depending on how parents wanted to use the feature.

The company also announced that it’s making Family Link a part of every Android device, beginning with Android Q. That means with no time, ‘Family Link’ will become accessible from device settings, instead of being an app parents can choose to download. Further more Google says that we’ll be able to find it under the “Digital Wellbeing and parental controls” in Android Q devices rolling out later this summer.

These are the two latest features, which were introduced by Google with regard to its digital well-being feature. It’s specially predicted that parents will find this ‘Family Link’ service really useful in guiding their kids towards using smart phones in a useful manner. However Google believes that these improvements for Digital Wellbeing feature will help people secure a more valuable place in their hearts!