Google glass is a headset just look like a pair of eyeglasses. It is pretty interesting little device because it sits on your face like regular pair of glasses but there are no actual lenses.There is no glass in Google glass except it has a prism. Other difference of Google glass is, it is asymmetrical. Typically when you’re wearing glasses there’s the same thing on both sides. But with Google glass all of the smartphone components are on your right hand side.

While glass does have mostly smartphone insides what it doesn’t have is a cellular radio which means it can’t connect to data by itself. So what it does is connect to either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering to your smartphone and connect to the my glass app on your Android or IOS device.

How does actually look to be looking through the prism in Google glass? Google says that it supposed to look like approximately like a 25 inch display from 8 feet away. It is fixed in the upper right side of your vision.

You can do 7 things with Google glass

1. Take a picture – we can simply take a picture with a voice command or by tapping the photo button on the top of glass

2. Record a video – it is possible to record ten second video by hold down the photo button on the top or voice command.It automatically take ten second video but if you want to extend it you have to tap the photo button again.

3. Get directions – you can get driving navigation, walking navigation as well as biking navigation. This is the most awesome built-in feature in glass because if you’re in an unfamiliar place, you don’t really know where you’re going , you just have to move your head around you get to see the exact direction of the orientation of the arrow change.

4. Send a message
5. Phone calls
6. Google+ and Hangouts
7. Google

Still the list of things that it can do is limited but the final consumer version is going to have updated hardware, software as well as updated price because right now it costs $1,500.