I’m pretty sure that you all know what GOOGLE is as well as what a HOME is, but have you ever heard about GOOGLE HOME. Google Home is the newest device introduced by Google in March 2016 . It looks just like a Bluetooth speaker but it is a smart speaker which enables users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Assistant (Artificial Intelligence program developed by google). Therefore Google Home has the ability of understanding the things we are saying, give answers to our problems or do things for us. It is also able to control home appliances according to our voice commands. Google Home allows up to six people to engage with the device.

Google Home is a cylindrical shape device with 4 LEDs on the top for visual representation of its status. There is a button in the front to turn on/off the device. First we have to connect the power cable to the device in order to use Google Home since it is not powered by a battery. Then we have to download the Google Home App to our android or iPhone. After that we can simply connect the application to the google home device. Google accounts also can be connected to the Google Home.

Let’s have an idea what can Google Home (Google Assistant) can do for us. It can identify people according to their voices. If I ask google to call my mum it will call my mother, not my friend’s mother. We can control the volume by giving commands as well as touching the top surface. When we greet to Home it will give the information such as what is the time, how is the weather, what are the events in our calendar etc. Forgetting things is the nature of a human being. Especially people don’t like to have strong passwords because they are unable to memorize them. Don’t worry anymore. Google Home will memorize them for you.

If I ask multiple questions at the same time it is able to answer the questions one after another. As an example I ask what the meaning of ‘aquarium’ is it will give me the meaning. After that I ask to ‘spell’ without saying what the word I want to spell, it will spell the word ‘aquarium’. Google Home also act as a hub for controlling smart devices such as Chromecast digital media player, IoT devices. The device will also support updates on traffic, language translate, streaming songs from a phone through Bluetooth,  news updates, music, schedule calendar appointments, play games and etc.