Of course Google always tries to come up with new features and updates for its users, in order to attract their users more and more.However twenty years back, the Japanese wireless communications company NTT Docomo released 176 pictures for people to quickly, efficiently, and emotively communicate on the tiny screens of their phones. Yes, they were later called emoji and now we have altogether over 3000 emoji in use. One of the latest news that was released from Google says something about these emoji. Announcement say that they are ready to release 53 new emoji to its smart phones. The speciality is these 53 new emoji are non-binary or gender fluid emoji. And you know what? These emoji can be used right now exclusively on Pixel devices!

Why are those emoji called gender fluid or binary?

Those emoji are called gender fluid or binary because they do not specifically show a male, neither a female, but a human. This means these emoji symbolise all of us! In our emoji gallery, these binary emoji are to be sit between the male and female versions of a specific emoji. Jennifer Daniel, designer at Google, when talking about these gender fluid emoji says, “That person could be man, woman, anyone, but they had to add a little detail, that dress, and suddenly that person symbol doesn’t mean a person anymore. But with this you can create something that feels more inclusive.”

How are the emoji made to look gender fluid?

The designers at Google have followed some guidelines to make those emoji gender fluid. Boasts chin-length curls, an orange tail, and crossed arms over its chest are some of them. Meanwhile, the new vampire wears a chain across its lapels, an accessory that’s a bit more gender-neutral than the necklace or bowtie sported by the seemingly female- and male-presenting vampires, respectively.

When will we get these binary emoji?

The new gender-fluid emoji will launch as part of a Pixel smartphone beta release this week. Later on they well be rolled out to all Android Q phones planned, most probably towards the end of 2019.

According what tech enthusiasts around the world have reported, Apple will also come with their own gender fluid emoji version very soon. Yes, Google made the first move with this, but with no time this will also be a trend or a must! Let’s wait and see how the users will embrace this feature in the coming days!