Keep is full featured note-taking application developed by Google. It offers you digital notice board with traditional notes, checklists, images, sketches and reminders. Most important thing is it is built on several environments. Keep mobile app for smartphones and tabs, Web app and Chrome app for computers.

Google Keep’s Features

Note down things as it is

Keep supports not only simple notes. You can add images, draw sketches and make checklists. No matter the shape of your thought because you will be able to instantly save anything as same as you think .

Always synchronized

Keep is always synchronized with your Google account.For instance If a new note is added with a reminder from chrome app it will be added to all instances of Keep in your mobile phones and in other computers you are using.

Effective Notifications

Once a reminder came up with the time you will be notified with chrome notifications in your computer and notifications in your mobile (iOS or Android).

Colors and Labels

Also each note can be separated visually with colors and labels. For an instance you may create “Home” and “University” labels to separate studies and your normal works. Further you may use light colors for urgent notes that require higher attention or quick action than others.

Google Keep Chrome Extension

Keep has a chrome extension that allows you to instantly make notes with embedded web addresses. New note can be created by just one click with current web URL using the chrome extension.

Keep’s Links

More information and Download for Google Chrome or for your Mobile

Web app

There are many note-taking apps such as Evernote, Sticky notes. Where as Google Keep gives you simple and effective use of digital notice board for web and mobile environments.