Texting in Android phones are going to be much better. Messages App in Android Operating System is going to be updated in US which will modernize texting on Android phones. The update is going to give more features that iPhone users have enjoyed in iMessages including ‘read receipts’ and exiting group chats.RCS messaging is a very big step that Google has taken along with Android which is far more than iMessages.

This update comes into reality with a technology called Rich Communication Services. This update will let you have these features such as chat over WiFi, sending and receiving high-resolution photos and videos, read receipts, typing indicators, group chat naming, adding or removing people from group chats.

People can turn on RCS by opening up the Android Messages App and enable chat features when prompted. If another Android phone also turned on RCS, text messages will automatically use the new protocol. Google is now in the process of a small rollout, only 1% of Android phones will get this update. However, most of the people in the US will be able to get this update by this end of the year.

A very important feature which is missing is end to end encryption,which secures messages and make them only read by sender and receiver. But Google will delete the messages from its servers as soon as they are sent. So it is less likely it would have data to handover. Anyways, I believe that it will be a piece of great news for all the Android users.