In an era where we would love to live a blazingly fast life accompanied by the comfort of digital devices, the speed and performance mean a lot to the progression of life. The smartphone is an ideal digital device platform to get our usual tasks completed easily and fast. But can we afford to have poorly performance applications running on smartphones? Will such applications perform the required tasks as fast as we want them to perform? As the frontrunner in smartphone operating system lineup, Google has come up with a solution to answer the aforementioned questions.

Google recently announced that it would be bringing a crucial update to its Google Play Store ecosystem, aiming to offer a better experience to the consumers. With the new update, the apps that do not drain the smartphone battery and apps that experience less crashes, will have much more prominence in the rankings compared to the apps that consist of bugs and performance issues. The new ranking mechanism targets to promote the best performing apps as it can lead the consumers to have increased engagement with the best apps.

Previously, even if an app had negative reviews but was popular among users, it could still stay ahead in rankings to some extent. The negative reviews are most often posted as a result of stability issues within the applications. Thanks to the new algorithm in ranking apps, the developers have to be aware of even the slightest of the bugs and stability issues to avoid being penalized in rankings.

According to Google, there are many aspects that affect the quality of apps. In order to determine the new rankings, Google expects to use a range of quality signals that include app crashes, number of uninstallations, battery usage and many other signals. However, the search engine giant has declined to announce further specifics of the quality signals.

The new ranking mechanism is expected to be rolled out over the next few days through Google Play Store and it will certainly have a positive outcome in the search queries performed within the store.