Do you need to check Google products? Now, you can take this opportunity using Google popup stores. These stores were opened in New York, last year. But now there are several popup stores around USA. In these shops you can check the products by using them. At the beginning you can only Demonstrate the devices but now you can buy these devices at the Google popup stores. There are different target areas inside the store and also they have different devices for you.

When you are entering to the building, you can feel the difference of the Google. One of the main area is Google pixel area. In this area, you can check or buy Google pixel and also you can change some properties of the devices according to your choice such as back cover ,colour of the mobile phone. It is mainly focused on pixel2and pixel2xl.

The most popular area is Google home area. In this area you can enjoy with modern technological house. You can select Google home setups from different  colours according to your choices. When we are going further there are two rooms. One is living room and the other one is kitchen. These rooms are equipped with the modern Google products and technology.

The most interesting section is VR section. The day dream home view. You can get amazing VR experience using Google pixel. You only have to sit on the wooden chair and then feel the live experience. Here you can check Google headset before you use it. The headset is covered in a comfortable microfiber, similar to fabric on sweatpants and other sportswear.

Then you are in TABLET section .In this section you can feel the Quality of Google photos.If you wish to purchase Google product its your time.