Few weeks ago, there was the announcement from the Google R&D team about introducing an AI powered technology that could generate automatic replies in accordance with the content of the received message in ALL chat applications for Android Smartphones. But wait! This application— so subtly named Google Reply —is not available in the Play Store at present, since it’s still in beta version and not yet ready to hit the market.

So, is this like the smart reply functionality found in Gmail and Google Allo? Yes, but it is much more specific about the replies, and the notable feature is, that it can create instant replies to the received messages from the Notification Panel itself. Now that is something to wait for. In addition to that, it can create instant replies by parsing your calendar, tracking the travelling time using Google map and GPS, which would result in more accurate and smarter responses. Besides, this app is said to be working alright with almost all the messaging applications like, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype etc.

When you download and install the “Google reply” app, it will ask for permission to gain access to the messages in notification bar and information about the sender. This information which has to be processed by AI, gets sent to the Google’s servers to suggest smart replies, which would be sent back to the phone. Gaining access to one’s private messages?!  Isn’t that a breach of privacy? Yes, but without getting to know about the message will not result in accurate smart replies you expect. And for the record, the data sent through the network is secured and erased immediately.

After going through these processes, the app will suggest two or three reply options right below the message in notification bar. Furthermore, it has the additional functionality of creating auto-replies when specific questions are asked. Although it sounds so perfect, in reality it is not. May be the reason is because it’s still in beta version, but the most expected features of this app are said to be creating slight disappointments in performance. May be we are too early to judge, but who knows? It might triumph over the hearts of texters all over the world at the end.

Thus, if you have a seamless Internet connection,Then you are the Lord of the ‘Retorts’!