In today’s world, information is just at our fingertips! In that case, many of us, including myself, depend highly on Google for some reason these days. However, did you search for anything on Google yesterday? By a chance, did you feel like you are not got the latest updates on that searched topic? If so, there’s nothing to be amazed! Yes, Google had stopped indexing new pages for a few hours yesterday.

As per the reports, not all the websites have been affected by this issue. Anyway, it is reported that some major web sites were victims of this. World popular websites such as ‘CNN’, and ‘The Verge’ were among the list of the affected major websites.

However, this was not the very first time that this kind of issue arose with regard to Google. In very recent history, during the month of May this year, a quite similar incident took place. In that instance, Google Search indexing came to a complete stop, with no websites appearing in ‘past hour’ searches for sites or news. At that point, Google had taken measures to resolve the problem within about an hour. But this time, Google took around 10 hours to make it back to normal, which is of course, comparatively a high time.

After resolving this issue, Google had mentioned on Twitter that this failure was because their URL Inspection tool had been briefly affected. However, they have not mentioned the reason why only some web sites were affected by this issue. Anyway, let’s hope that Google will never face this kind of an issue again!