Google recently announced the end of yet another Google product – Google Allo! It’s not surprising that Google has decided to shut down Allo. The company paused Allo’s development few months back, in April. It seemed like a warning to Google Allo users to switch to some other messaging app. However it’s reported that there are still a bunch of Allo users present, and now obviously it’s high time for them as well to move away from Google Allo since Google has already made the officially announcement that they are to shut down Allo by March 2019.

Google Allo is of course an interesting messaging app that helps its users say more and do more. It gives them the space to express better with stickers, doodles, and huge emojis and texts. Allo also brings  the Google Assistant. Within the first few days after launching Allo, Google had been really delighted with Allo’s download rates, but thereafter there had been a drastic drop with regard to it. Inability to make voice calls and video calls, and encryption issues might be a reason for this drop

Here’s how the chairman of Google, Mr. Anil Sabharwal explains the company’s view point regarding Google Allo at this moment.

“The product as a whole has not achieved the level of attraction we’d hoped for. We set out to build this thing, thinking that it would be a product that we would get hundreds of millions of people to get excited about and use. And where we are, we’re not feeling like we’re on that trajectory.”

However Google will be supporting the continuation of Allo until March 2019. Therefore Allo users have enough and more time to export their chat history till then and switch to another suitable messaging app. But Google Allo lovers for sure will miss this app.

Team of Allo at Google are now joined to focus on Android Messages. At the same time, Google is now in the process of looking into Rich Communication Services, or RCS. Unlike Allo, RCS Chat will be carrier-based in its implementation. It’s believed that this will be able to compete with iMessage. It’s said that the service will be branded “Chat” once carriers launch it. As of the latest news, Google is to officially launch RCS Chat on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL on December 6th. Google gives RCS its best at this point, since they never need to come up with yet another unsuccessful messaging concept, but a brilliant competitor to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.