For those who were relying on for URL shortening, this may come as a shock to you! Yes, Google is indeed shuttering down with a heavy heart. This URL shortening service, Google started in 2009 is moving towards to its end, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Starting from April 13th, no new or anonymous users can create links through console. But those who have already created links through the console may continue to use its services for another year, Yay! But after that, everyone will have to say their last good byes to, for Google will be shutting it down completely right after 30th of March 2019.

If anybody’s having panic attack right now, calm down! Even though will be leaving us, the links created so far will continue to work fine. They will redirect you to the destination you intended them to as usual, even though the service will be down. According to Michael Hermanto, a Firebase Software Engineer, many URL shortening services have emerges since the introduction of, and the public have shifted from desktop web pages to apps, mobile devices, home assistants and more. This change has prompted Google to redirect their focus on Firebase dynamic Links (FDL), which utilizes the concept of Deep linking.

Ergo, Google is now recommending the public to use FDL, instead of and taking down the classic is their first step in encouraging everybody to use FDL. But we mortals need not fear FDL… Most of us are probably familiar with this term, since it was launched quite some time ago. So the main feature of FDL is, it can give away smart URLs that enable sending existing as well as potential users to any location within an iOS or Android or any web app. That might be a little confusing. These links created via FDL work the way you want on multiple platforms regardless whether the app is installed or not. With just one URL, you can send users to any location within an app. Still confused? Go here.

Coming back to, old users may still utilize the console until March 30 2019. Though it will be shut down afterwards, the existing links and their analytics can be managed through the console even after that. After the demise of, the existing links will not be migrated to firebase console. However, if you wish you may be able export your link information from console.

The same applies for the developers as well. The projects that accessed URL shortening APIs before 30th of March 2018 alone would be able to create short links. Those who wish to use the API from now on, are encouraged to use FDL APIs. Besides that, existing short links will not be migrated to Firebase console, just as it is for the consumers.

If you’re still weeping over the fact, you might think of using some other URL shortening services like Bitly, and more.It would seem that Google is killing off some of its classics, to please the generation of future. Be that as it may, the world is changing; we are changing. And it’s no wonder Google is changing too.