As we all know that the Google has been doing a lot of hard work to make people informed about the computer science and programming. Hence, Google has launched a new website to learn computer science and programming and other basic resources for you and your kid. as this is a new effort of the Google to pretend to be the best place to learn everything related to this field.
Google has just launched a new website of Education earlier, which is basically a collection of different programming tools and other basic resources for you and your child. The foremost aim of the Google CS Education website is just to teach people computer science and programming in a very simple way. Hence, in this way even a kid can also learn stuff like computer science and programming easily.

This web site is mainly focused on three stages
1. Learn Computer Science
2. Participate in Academic Opportunities
3. Access Career Opportunities
Besides learning computer science and programming, you can also use this site to explore the scholarships offered just by visiting the “Participate in Academic Opportunities” tab,
As well as you can also explore multiple contests and internships that are offered and organized by the tech giant Google, just by clicking on “Access Career Opportunities” tab.
We all know that learning computer science,coding, and programming open the doors to is a way to explore opportunities to achieve innovative and fresh ideas.Hence, you can easily access all the educational programs that are offered by the Google just in one place,you have to visit the new Google’s new website “Google CS EDU“.