Google summer of code (GSOC) is famous among college and university students where they are allowed to work for open source organization. It is a great opportunity for them and obviously they should be grateful to Google for organizing this massive event which is conducted for 16 weeks.

The participants get an excellent experience as they work for a worldwide project and they get more chances to be guided by the giants in the field. The GSOC tag plays a main role among the benefits as it can be considered as a golden key when you seek jobs.

But don’t misunderstand this as an internship or a direct entry to google. It’s actually a platform which is created by google for us and for the open source organizations.

This amazing event is officially around March annually and the open source organizations are announced before that.

However, getting into GSCO isn’t a simple one step process. If you are really interested and willing to participate you should first start contributing to the selected organizations. You should be smart enough in selecting the best organizations.

If you’re talented you can submit your proposal. Enhancing the given project proposal allows you to be selected to participate in the event.

So, as you can see it’s a great opportunity for the developers and all who are interested. So make your summer more adventures by participating in this event.