Google Drive is getting revamped!

Google Drive— the name each and every human being in the nook and corner of the world have been chanting since 2012…The word that made everyone wish upon the ‘cloud’… Be that as it may, most of us, who use the Drive for casual use, may not have heard of the Google Drive Packages it offers. And don’t worry if you didn’t before now, because the packages are way too useless for those who’ve got only 3GB data on their Drive like me. We’re talking about really huge storage people, more like 300TB!

So to the point, what is Google One? It’s the new version of Google Drive for its paid users which includes benefits as,

  • New price plans—really dropped down price list!
  • An option to share the plan with 5 family members under one bill
  • Experts—Google’s online customer support at one click away

The loyal-to-the-core users of Google Drive, no need to have a panic attack right now, since the classic Google Drive will continue its free service for those who need up to 15GB of online storage. Those who should be excited about this news are the ones who pay for the service, starting from 100GB to 300TB of storage. Then why give it a new name? Because it exclusively targets the paid users and hence having a separate, clear-cut service for them might prove useful in avoiding unwanted confusions.

Though the Google One is not yet ready for the public, the Company has ensured that in very few months all the Google Drive storage plans of paid users will be upgraded to Google One, while continuing to use the Drive as usual to store files. That sounds pretty cool and that means we can expect Google to add more and more cool features to draw the public towards Google One.

The unpaid customers won’t be facing any downsides with this new development, but soon they will be the target for Google One! After all, it is hyped up to be super-cool!