Here are some Mobile UX Design Trends!

Nowadays it is really difficult to find someone who don’t use smart phones.Actually it seems like babies in today were born with  smart phones.No need to grow-up,they know everything from age 3,4.Its not miracle.That is what time does.
In case of this,UX designers!To be the succeed in this field you have to play big role to face new challenges which come up with User Experiences.Because they expect more from you.Here I summarized few interesting trends as follows.

1.In-app Gestures Paired with Animations

  • To emphasize what user should do next and give feedback to user, these animations can be used.
  • Here user will get immediate feedback from the application.This is better way to keep good interaction with user.

  • By using animated clicks we can provide quick understand to the user about the application.

2.Vibrant Colors

  • Color is so very important word in filed of UI/UX designing.Color can be a reason for people to leave an application or being with an application.Color can draw attention, set a mood, influence users emotions.When it comes to mobile app design right now, this is definitely the time of vibrant colors.
  • Designers will use vibrant colors to visually separate different types of notifications

3.Emotional Experiences

  • There are number of apps which derived by using face recognition.
  • It helps to make app more familiar to the user.
  • One of better example for this type of technology is “Animoji”(Animation emoji which responds to facial expressions) which comes up with iPhone X camera.

  • To make the natural interaction with the user UX designers need to do something which can interact with users emotions.
  • When the app ask to rate your experience this way is better because of this can be more sensitive to the user.
  • If there is a something which make you happy or lovely isn’t it better if app let you to draw a heart and express your feeling than hit a button or icon of heart.

4.Conversational based UX design

  • Yes,people love chatting.That is why the apps like messenger become this much popular among all of us.If the business can come to this types of chatting platforms with the artificial intelligence and give real time automated conversations with their customer how nice is it!That is 2018 users expected from today’s UX Designers!

5.Augmented Reality

  • We are already experiencing AR right now.
  • We can see that all the screens will eventually be replaced by lenses.There are plenty of AR-based apps available on the market today
  • It is clear that 2018  will be a year of augmented reality.
  • Here you can see the example of AR for entertainment.

  • AR is not only for entertainment.It can use to solve Real-Life problems too.
  • As a example AR measure is possible to measure the real world objects without a traditional measurement tape.


6.Cashless Payments

  • Cashless Payment is very quick way to do payments by using own mobiles
  • This way was almost doubled in 2017.

  • That means in 2018 users expect default options as Android Pay ,Apple Pay to do cashless payments using their mobiles in both offline and online situations.