Many of us experienced how to work from home. But still, I think there are things to know. So I have been thinking share with you this topic lately since I shared about health issues related to working from home. Before I jump into all the tips, I invite you to take a few minutes and remember what do you feel when you work from home. Do you like it? Or do you feel suffocating? Do you feel your entire life is a mess? When I first started work from home. I was so happy because I knew I can more time with my family but as time pass I miss my team members more than ever.

Work From Home 

1. Manage your life

Managing your life is important, and it is not only important to work from home life. It's important to you and everyone that you involve with, like your family members, your coworkers, your clients, and even your pets. Pets? Yeah, you read right, even your pets.

According to United Kingdom novelist John Galsworthy, “Beginnings are always messy”, But I guarantee you after you read this, you will find out what you have to become a pro.

2.  be a morning person

From my experience, this is where some of you stop reading. Waken up early is one of thinking the most painful punishment in adulthood. But you don’t have to think it that way. When you wake up in the morning, you can plan the day, and you have time to mentally and physically prepare for the day. And it makes your day less complicated. And it enhanced your organizing skills.

waking up early 

3. Your Schedule & Time

Before that, you have to think about what you do regularly in your life. And also think about the time you spend with them. For example, work, cleaning, prepare food, babysitting, leisure time, family time, and so on. And then decide what the most important task are and give them the 1st priority. You can roughly estimate the time that you have to spend on each task at a time. When you were deciding your schedule, keep it flexible to avoid conflict. So you wouldn't have to skip your meals.

And consider following

  • Available time
  • Recurring activities
  • High priority activities
  • Allocate time for your personal goals

4.Set Boundaries

This is more important when working from home “set boundaries”. Work from home and "bedroom office" does not rhythm. Please stay away from your bed while working. The reason offices are exist split your personal life and work-life to increase productivity. So keep it that way. Have an office space outside of the bedroom that can in and out.    And also as I mentioned earlier create a schedule. Use the schedule to separate personal life and work life.

5. Feel the sun

If you are not in self-quarantine try to go out at least once a day with all the precautions. Enjoy the fresh air and feel the warmth of the sunlight.  Spend some alone time thinking and making a mind schedule. Learn something new from your surrounding like a new plant in your garden/ park. Say hi to animals. Free your mind and relax.

6.Social Isolation doom

Human needs to social interaction with other people if you cannot go outside try a video call your friends and relatives. Talks freely joke with them and share your thoughts.

If possible to go outside make time for your friends. Go for dinner or games. Take classes in the gym. Go for a drink. Anything that you can interact with them and have fun.

7. The “Work in Your PJs”

I agree on work in PJs sure comfortable. I do that sometimes but do not do it regularly. It's concerned about hygiene so change clothes before start working. But when you wear your professional clothes it impacts how you see yourself as an employee and sometimes makes you confident.


In a pandemic situation, most peoples work from home. If happens you and your partner work from home that can be stressful or slack off from work. To keep your work and relationship in balance you have to control your time and mind also. As I mentioned earlier when you creating your schedule and set boundaries consider your relationship and allocate a healthy amount of time for your partner.

Health Tips

Work from home life can be stressful and leads to health issues. But with a right and determined mindset, you can avoid them. We all like to work comfortably. check and select tips that fitting for you and your issues.

For Stress:

  • Yoga and meditation help to relax your mind and keep your body healthy try to practice them regularly.
  • See silver line in the dark cloud
  • Try to think why you stressed and avoid the reasons
  • Have a good night's sleep, sleep 8 hours for a day.

Back Pain/ text neck

  • Take short intervals in between work.
  • Do stretching exercises.
  • Adopt a proper sitting posture in the chair.
  • Adopt a comfortable chair that will support your back and neck.

Computer vision syndrome (CVS)

  • Take a break and close your eyes and let them take the rest.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water.
  • Wear radiation protective glasses while working.
  • Use a radiation protective screen for your LCD, it will also protect your eyes.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Exercise your hands in intervals.
  • Stretch arms, fingers, and wrist.
  • Keep a massage ball aside while working and use it in breaks.

Some more tips and solutions while working from home.

  1. Sleep early wake up early
  2. Don’t postpone your work
  3. Drink fresh juice
  4. Drink more water
  5. Have a proper meal on time
  6. Avoid junk food

Manage with your team/work/coworkers

When you are not a freelancer and you work with a team you must consider the following.

conference call with the team 

Maintain Regular Hours

It is not a hard thing. Arrange a conference call and talk with your team and decide and set working hours that everyone should available. Try to set a time as you used to work in the office.  And name a person to lead your working schedule and track attendance. At first, you will find it hard to keep with a schedule since you are at home like on holidays. But eventually, you will be used to the schedule.

Schedule brakes

When you work from the office you had lunch breaks, tea time, relaxation times and so on. Do not forget to schedule them with your team members. That makes you more productive and made your brain and body relax. Take a walk. Make some food for yourself. Enjoy a tea or coffee. And make sure don't do left out chores during breaks it will be hard to focus after breaks.

Use tools

To mark attendance. Display to your team what you are working on. You should consider some cloud base time and task management software. That will make everything easy. And also use tools for conference, instant message. And make sure to instruct everyone in the team which tools for what. For example, you might use google calendar to display everyone to schedule events, meetings.

Feeling drain

Working from home without college and you have to call or send instant messages to communicate for every single little thing make you mentally exhausting. That happens to me a lot. If you were a happy pill at your workplace you find it hard to work from home. But with the current situation, we do not have a choice. As you used to go out for company dinner and celebrations you can arrange them virtually even though they are not likely same but talking with your feelings and difficulties make you feel better.

See the good side

Even there are many difficulties you cannot say there aren't many good things about working from home. For example save your transportation cost, for females makeup cost. And you got more time to spend with family, neighbors and your pets. Those are great right?


Even you schedule working hours and breaks that does not mean you will not distract during work. Since you are at home it would be challenging to focus on work.   The sound of the TV, family members, snacks breaks all the things that come to you.

Even if you decide on a set schedule and have a dedicated space to work, actually staying productive during your working hours can prove challenging if you’re working from home.

First, arrange an office space for yourself. Set your boundaries to home & office. Some examples no TV, no chores, no newspaper or books, no naps. It will hard to find the fine line between them but like everything you will eventually get used to it.

Stay safe and do not panic in the pandemic.