The literal meaning of creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. Most people think creativity is a natural gift or a talent but let me break into you “it is not “. Creativity is a skill. Like most skills, you have to learn, practice, and develop. It is like surfing, swimming, or driving all you have to do is learn and practice eventually you will be good at it.

And another way to define creativity is finding a new way of solving problems and approaching situations. If you need to sharpen up here few tips that can help you.

Set your environment for creativity

As I mention earlier creativity is a skill to develop. There are things to do and things to arrange. Simply I can say papering your mind and surrounding. And don’t worry you wouldn’t have to follow all the points. But some will do the job.

Practice dreaming

Like daydreaming? Yes. Create your thinking process while dreaming think a lot of “what ifs” and “after that”. Regularly train your imaginations to practice your power of observation. And see vivid pictures and crazy ways to find a destination. See things from a different angle. While doing this do not think about the main tasks and all the information you know. It will not help and that will get you the same old path, not a creative path.

Dress freely

Creativity comes out from free souls. Uncomfortable clothes lose your confidence and that makes your mood upset. Comfy and free clothes make yourself brighten up.

Doodle Something

What can do with a doodle? Well, some might think doodle is for those who have lack focus. But it is not Doodling helps you to stay present and engaged. Otherwise, your mind can drift.

Although we may have been reprimanded in school to "stop doodling and pay attention," it's time to bring back the doodle. Doodling, contrary to popular opinion, does not demonstrate a lack of focus. Doodling can help you stay present and engaged during an activity in which you might otherwise find your mind drifting. Author of "The Doodle Revolution" Suni Brown, states that the greatest thinkers-from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs-used doodling to jump-start creativity.

Create the Right surrounding

Why is it important? It improves productivity. An environment that you like to hang around.

  • Reduce the background noise

Background noise can be a distraction for a thinking process. To reduce background noises you can use plants and a rough wall that can absorb the noise.

  • Creative colors

Studies have shown that if you regularly see green and blue colors that will help to generate brilliantly original ideas.

  • Crazy art pieces

Place some artworks and art pieces, it will help you to enhance your thought process.

  • Favorite toys

Building or do something with your hands without overthinking can enhance your idea process.

Boost up your creativity with these few tricks

Learn Through Collaboration

In modern way to say this “teamwork” And team works can gain you are a more active, social, contextual, engaging and different experience. Teamwork inspired you to think differently.

And learning from others is a way to see things in new and innovative ways.

Do what you love

If you feel stuck for ideas and suffocating. Then you need to take a break and relax your mind and make a change in life. Do something different from what you are doing now. A hobby, play piano, guitar or an instrument that you can play, sing a song loud, watch a comedy show, eat something you love or sleep, if you are more outdoor person run, play with friends, go outside and have fun. If you are stressed out it directly affects creativity so DO NOT STRESS.

Find Inspiration from Other Industries

Do your homework. Research about what you have to do with your ideas. Look at other products or services, find out the customers expecting from them, and make mind simulations for your campaign. And it is a way to read your audience and understand them. This is more helpful for marketing creativity.

Do nothing

This gives a similar effect as do something you love. As Alan Cohen who is an inspirational author of 24 books, once wrote, "There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither." Sometimes the idea will come out of nowhere. A good night's sleep will help you be more productive and creative.


And do you ever wonder average person how long sits in a day? It's and hours. Shocking Right? It does not do any good for your health or your mood which means that does not anything good either to your creativity. Walking is zen your soul. Every step makes you closer to your destination. That makes a satisfaction unconsciously.

Use the Six Thinking Hats Technique

What is the six hat technique? It is a powerful technique for decision-making that includes different points of view. And six hats Technique opens up an opportunity for creativity.

Follow these instructions

White hat (Information): collect the all information available by asking questions.

What do we know?

What do we need to know? –

Flow do we get this information?

Red hat (emotions)–

Confused as to what's next and best?

Future of event industry

Black hat (Discernment) – logic applied to identifying reasons to be cautious and conservative

What are the difficulties & weaknesses?

Yellow hat (Optimistic response) – logic applied to identifying benefits, seeking harmony, and being optimistic

What are the strengths & opportunities?

Green hat (Creativity) – Seen where a thought goes.

New Ideas?

New opportunity?

How it can be improved?

Blue hat (process control) – strategic planning, and Thinking about thinking

What's been learned?

What's next?

Feedback makes less complicated

You should ask for feedback about your work it will better if the feedback from total strangers. Then you will see a new perspective. Sometimes feedback gives you what you missing out on. And asking for feedback and make a difference in your work isn’t a weak thing to do. I’m saying this because some people think the work should be doing alone and perfect. You may not use all feedback that might harm your work. But sometimes fresh feedbacks make different

Challenge yourself

Just pick the worst idea you had. And try to sharp up the idea and make something surprising good about it and that is a real challenge to stretch your creativity

Keep a journal

Get a notebook and write down your accomplishments, process of thoughts, and your new ideas. This will boost your memory and Inspire creativity. And most importantly allow yourself to self-reflect on your works.

Good luck