As steady fans of WhatsApp, we couldn’t have failed to notice the bunch of changes that the messaging app underwent last year. But this year too, we can expect just as many, if not more of them to be rolled out, looking at the features which different parties have spotted online and some of them which are still under tests in different beta versions.

So, let’s get down to look at ways in which WhatsApp may change throughout this year, sooner or later.

Consecutive Voice Messages

At the moment, no matter it’s one voice message that we receive or many of them, we have to hit ‘play’ for each of them to start playing, and at the end of the recording, playing stops. But with this new tweak, whenever WhatsApp recognizes a continuous stream of voice messages, it will play them continuously without needing us to manually play each one.

Sticker Search

WhatsApp might also be testing a search option for stickers that many would find useful. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to look through each sticker pack to find the sticker that we want.

Vacation or Silent Mode

Based on the ‘Silent Mode’ that a few users have already noticed, ‘Vacation Mode’ is a feature that’s still under tests. This would archive muted chats for as long as we want.

Linked Accounts

This is a feature that would allow users to link their WhatsApp account with external services.

Dark Mode

Need not to tell, this will change the entire UI to take on a darker shade, the same way that it exists on apps like YouTube, Twitter, Google Maps and Google Messages etc. We know that it’s been under work for a while now, so we can hope it to be available to all of us within this year.

Share Contact Info via QR

This is a more secure way to share your contact information with someone. This would work by generating a QR code that would consist of your contact info, and after sharing this with someone, WhatsApp would automatically add the information to the receiver’s contact list.

Multi-Share Files

This would let you share multiple files with multiple users. There would also be a preview of the message before sending.

View videos directly in Push Notifications

Without having to open the chat, this feature would allow you to watch a received video in the notification panel itself.

Ranking of Contacts

This would rank the contacts that you interact with, based on the media, simple text messages that you share in between and the ignoring of messages!

Add New Contacts within WhatsApp

There would be no need to add a new contact to your phone outside of WhatsApp and then refresh the contact list to view them on the app. The new feature would need us to choose the country of the contact so that WhatsApp can add the country code before you fill in the rest of the numbers and contact information.

Via: GadgetsNow