Huawei is getting ready to offer high emotional interactions through an AI assistant. There was a sudden explosion of smart speakers and AI assistants in 2017 and they are continued into 2018. Each smart phone manufacturer has its own idea of what an AI assistant should look like. Google assistant and Siri play a major role in smartphones world. And also, Bixby in Samsung, ThinQ in LG, and Amozon’s Alexa in few Android devices can be found now. The idea that a program can detect a user’s mood and respond accordingly is defined as “emotion AI.” The technology is being looked at to create a more personalized user, according to research company Gartner.

Huawei is the third largest smartphone maker in the world. It has started getting a wider interest among phone buyers after introduction of new and unique technologies. Huawei already launched a voice assistant which expected to be called as HiAssistant for the Chinese market in 2013. Company says that 110 million users of its voice assistant on a daily basis in China. It revealed most important factors on its plans in its annual global analyst summit in Shenzhen. They want to change the way people talk to their artificially intelligent voice assistants and plan to make those conversations more emotionally attractive. Felix Zhang, vice president of software engineering at Huawei’s consumer business group revealed some frightening plans for what they are going to do: ” We want to provide emotional interactions. We think that, in the future, all our end users wish they can interact with the system in the emotional mode. This is the direction we see in the long run.” In his opinion, that the AI progress for mobile phones will take place in two main domains. First, the developers will need to improve communication efficiencies between the users and their phones over voice, image, video and sensor upgrades. The second domain involves better apps, content, functionality and third-party features.

Furthermore, Zhang talked about the American science-fiction movie “Her” as an inspiration to him and fellow Huawei executives. The movie’s main character falls in love with his artificial voice assistant, Samantha, which learns and adapts to his emotional needs. “Samantha is a dream for all the engineers.” Zhan said referring to the fictional character’s software capabilities. “Like in the movie, you can even get rid of your girlfriend. This is quite emotional service providing.” He predicts that the near future most of the functions will be available just by voice command, customers won’t even want to touch their devices to use them.

Mobile AI presents a lot of opportunities to the man as it can improve the user experience and interaction in their daily life. These changes will transform our life significantly in the coming years.