First imagine a world where not only people but all things are connected. For example, cars and roads on which they are going is connected, doctors are connected to the personal devices of patients. Augmented Reality assists people with their shopping by providing wonderful experience on goods and also make them learn things and explore destinations.

5G is the technical answer for above mentioned connectivity.This helps to make billions of connections and make them secure. 5G will have impact on almost all sectors such as health care,manufacture and distribution.

But this change requires significant effort and resources.Work on 4G needed a decade and challenges faced were not that much easy. 5G will be revolutionary like electricity and automobile. 5G moves mobile technology from connecting people to people for communication and information to connecting people to everything.

5G have higher bandwidth, which means higher speed. But the major problem will be the radio frequency. Due to overcrowding sometimes there may be problem in transmitting 5G data. But theoretically download speed of 5G is 10,000 Mbps. It is more efficient, effective and more easily manageable than previous network. There will be question about when our own household items are interconnected online. We have to buy 5G smartphones to use it.

So Definitely, 5G is revolutionary and going to create huge impact on telecommunication industry.