Gmail, Google’s free email service is undoubtedly the most popular email service in the world today. According to its reports, it now has more than 1B monthly active users. Of course, there are many more email services in the world. Yet, they seem to be slow and they offer limited storage and clunky user interfaces when compared with gmail. However might be due to those reasons or not, Gmail has records as the most used email service in today’s world. So this world’s most popular email service celebrated its 15th Birthday on 1st April, 2019. In celebrating its 15th birthday, it came up with some new features! They are pretty interesting! Why not we have a look on what they are?

What are Gmail’s latest features?

The main two features unveiled with regard to Gmail’s 15th Birthday are, Email scheduling and Smart Compose.

  • Email scheduling : This feature allows users to schedule emails to be sent at a particular time. The “Send” button now includes a drop-down menu that lets users schedule an email to be sent at a later time. Until now, users needed a third-party services to do this, but now it’s directly integrated into Gmail. Speciality is, you won’t have to have the app open after scheduling the email for it to actually be sent, as that’s all done on the backend.
  • Smart Compose : This is a feature which tries to autocomplete the emails. This will work with greetings that the user use. If a certain user always uses ‘Hey’, as the greeting, then Gmail will automatically add that greeting into that user’s mail. This will also suggest a subject line for the email, manipulating the body of the email. Smart Compose not only works with English, but also with Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Of course, someone can define these features as some minor features. But still, they are useful and important. These features will definitely help the Gmail users to make their work more easier and efficient. To be honest, it’s these simple, yet useful features that count to attract the users towards it. These kind of features added from time to time is the reason behind Gmail to stand strong even after 15 years of its birth.

So finally, let us wish Gmail a Happy 15th Birthday! Yes, it is still young! It will come with many and more amazing features in the coming years. Let’s wait and see.