Microsoft has released multiple microcode updates for Intel processors, with patches covering the CPU flaws that were revealed recently, that was commonly referred to as Foreshadow, or L1 Terminal Fault.

Foreshadow Attacks?

On 14th this month, academics and researchers disclosed about three different kinds of vulnerabilities affecting Intel CPUs. All of these are the type of attacks that exploits the feature in computers that is called “speculative execution.”

We can find speculative execution in most modern CPUs. It is a feature that improves performance by computing operations in advance, and later discarding unwanted data.

Foreshadow attacks attempt to extract sensitive information from the L1 Cache. This is where the data that is processed during speculative execution is stored. L1 Cache is the closest memory to the processor in a computer and the fastest, and also shared by the cores of the CPU.

Only Intel CPUs were said to be affected by the security gap. And Intel has now finished validating the microcode versions and delivered them to industry partners. The four new updates: KB4346084, KB4346086, KB4346087 and KB4346088 are said to apply mainly to the following Windows 10 versions.

  1. Creators Update
  2. Anniversary Update
  3. April 2018 Update
  4. RTM

KB4346087 and KB4346084 are also intended for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server Version 1803 (Server Core.)

Before installing the updates, it is better to make sure that the website that you install updates from are Intel only. And also don’t forget to check the manufacturer of your machine for recommendations.