The project (project Loon) is conducted by a part of Google parent company, Alphabet’s “moonshots” division.

Though most of you think that this might be impossible, this project is about to achieve the cup!!

First the researchers planned to use balloons to traverse the globe in order to beam down internet as they float along. Later the engineers could come across another easy method to do that with the improvement of the company’s AI software. That is to bundle group of balloons in certain areas and this idea leads to reduce the expenses of the project too.

These balloons  are capable of surviving in the conditions of the stratosphere. They are made of polyethylene sheets and the size is similar to a tennis court. The researchers have estimated their surviving time as 100 days.

Project Loon has taken the most essential parts of a cell tower.

Transceivers help LTE phone users to have internet connectivity by transmitting the connectivity between them and ground stations via the balloons. Solar panel powers the equipment during day and an on board battery is charged to be used at night. Parachute is for a safe landing. Flight capsule contains the brain to command and control the Loon balloon.

The project group tracks locations of each and every balloon using GPS.The balloons are directed to land in the places where there are lack of people. Then the team collects the equipment for recycling and reusing.