Dark Mode

Dark modes and themes are a hot trend right now in phones. Google is also applying a dark theme to its Android Q operating system, the company announced last month at its annual developer conference, Google I/O. And app makers including YouTube and Reddit have created dark modes for both iPhone and Android. Apple already implemented Dark Theme in the last version of its desktop OS, MacOS Mojave. Apple doesn’t share a whole lot of information about the ins and outs of dark mode.

Dark themes have certainly been around for years as third-party apps and themes. Unlike Google, Apple didn’t say why it’s looking into dark mode.

Apple doesn’t have a track record of being terribly concerned about trends, often bringing out feature’s years after competitors. It’s always been much more concerned about getting things right than getting them first. It’s also possible that Apple used MacOS Mojave as a test bed before moving on to the highly scrutinized iOS. 

Sign In With Apple

Sign In comes at a time when security and privacy are hot button issues. Facebook is just one company at the heart of an ongoing security debate that’s gripped lawmakers and internet users alike. Most recently, clinical laboratory Quest Diagnostics experienced a breach that exposed the data of nearly 12 million patients. In January, the internet saw one of the largest public data breaches after more than 87 gigabytes of personal information leaked online.

By offering iPhone users two secure ways to log in to online apps and services, Apple is signalling a commitment to privacy that the company has long made a mantra. (Apple Card, its digital credit card, is another example.)

Apple Maps

The iPhone maker revealed that its Google Maps competitor is getting updated features and a more detailed appearance. This comes after years of criticism surrounding Apple’s underdeveloped version of Maps.

The tech giant says it covered 4 million miles while gathering data to rework the navigation application “from the ground up.”

“We’ve been driving and flying all across the United States, collecting land and aerial data to add significant new detail to the maps,” said Meg Frost, Apple’s director of product design at the  San Jose, California-based convention.

The new version of Apple Maps will give you an option to save the addresses of places you frequent such as restaurants, your home or office. You can then organize your locations into categories like “Places to go with kids” and share them with others if you wish.