Google Home is a smart speaker developed by Google. This device lets you use google assistant via the speaker from the voice commands. There are many 3rd party services, and also google services are supported for this device, which allows users to listen to music, control playback of videos or photos, receive news updates, set alarms and reminders, controls smart home appliances entirely by voice.

Of course, Google home is an interesting product. Yet, the question is whether buying a google home is worth in Sri Lanka?

It’s true that Google home supports a range of countries including Asian countries. But the problem is they don’t support google home for Sri Lanka. The reason for that is that some features in google home and assistant are not supported in Sri Lanka.

However, let’s take a look at the features of Google Home and their applicability in Sri Lanka….

1. Music Support

For google home it requires you to sign in to some specified services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Google play music premium in order to get the music feature. So none of these services are available in Sri Lanka. But still you can listen to your own playlist by connecting to the speaker via Bluetooth feature.

2. News Providers

We can get latest news updates from google home via voice commands. But it also supports a limited range of news providers. No Sri Lankan news providers are available. You can get international news like BBC, CNN, etc. if you wish.

3. Smart Home Applications

Google home supports a wide range of smart home appliances such as smart bulbs, switches, washing machines, etc. So the problem is price of the smart home appliances are very high in Sri Lanka.

4. Calls feature

We can get calls using google home via google duo. But it also supports limited no. of countries. So we can’t use call feature in Sri Lanka and the most important thing is we can’t even use Bluetooth feature for calls.

5. Trivia and Fun Games

Google home provides many fun & games services for the users. But most of them are country specified. So they don’t support for Sri Lanka.

According to the above facts, we can conclude that Google Home is not worth buying in Sri Lanka. But there are many benefits like keeping alarms, reminders, and notes. Furthermore, we can search through google using our voice commands through this product, yet it costs around 100$. Therefore, you should certainly reconsider if you are ever planning to buy a google home in Sri Lanka.