Most probably you might have come across a website ow two that wouldn’t let you leave the current page when the back button is clicked. Google Chrome will solve that problem in near future.

A browser’s back button is there so you can go back to the last page that you visited. But some sites often work against this feature by showing hidden ads instead. It is sometimes possible to click the back button multiple times or hold it down to view the history and then click on the last page, but it is no less annoying.

Google calls this ‘history manipulation,’ where the sites inject webpages to the real history without the user’s permission.

Chromium’s source code shows that these hidden pages will be flagged, and their metrics will be sent to Google. Any pages out of them who will be suspected of history manipulation will then be tagged “#enable-skip-redirecting-entries-on-back-forward-ui.” The code also reads, “Entries that are added to the back/forward list without the user’s intention are marked to be skipped on subsequent back button invocations”

Google has not yet made an official announcement about this update, but we have no doubts that they soon will.

Via: TechSpot