We have to find about the app which is showing our future, since it is really concerning about our security of future. People has showed their fear in social media, including Twitter about this issue. It is said that FaceApp will see all the photos and upload them, which also include screenshots which have sensitives issues regarding finance and health.

That’s not actually true.But we have to think twice while downloading new apps. Most of the apps collect user data routinely.

The ranking Senate Democrat, Chuck Scummer wrote a letter that he is concerned about causing issues regarding national security and privacy for U.S users to the FBI and federal Commision .He also asked the two agencies to assess the situation.

But with FaceApp, it will grab your photo when you specifically select it to see your face change. The confusion has arisen when users use iPhone, there is an apple feature which shows your gallery within app when you need to select photos, but this does not mean the app is accessing your gallery.

We have the option to give access to entire photo gallery. Even there is no evidence that app is uploading any photos rather than what you have selected.

There is a version for FaceApp for Android also. For those, they do not tap photo library as above mentioned way .

From this we can not say this app is completely safe. These uploaded photos are going to clouds for processing. Hacking risk is high in clouds.

FaceApp does not tell users explicitly that processing is done in clouds. In some Apps, processing is done in devices.

Face App which was developed by Wireless Lab in Russia is now having viral popularity. This allows us to swap genders, do facials, change hair styles and do makeup. They have stated that most of them will be deleted after 48 hours. Some may be stored. User can request to delete them.

So FaceApp is so viral now and people have to think about their privacy too.