Ever wondered how Google improves its services that effectively? Have you ever noticed how they collect data for their services? Well, they have got an amazing crowdsourcing platform for that. Regardless of its silent launch to the google play store, Google Crowdsource is receiving huge contributions from all around the world. There is a web application as well as a mobile application for android, where you can contribute to a better future through a variety of areas. For instance, there is sentiment evaluation, handwriting recognition, translation, image label verification, smart camera, image capture, etc. One latest category is audio validation.

People from all around the world help Google improve with their contributions. You can just select your preferred languages for certain tasks where image label verification, image capture kind of things require your ability to identify items. All of these data are validated and are collected by the Google databases and are used to improve their services. Google is ready to award you with badges and certificates to the level of your contribution. But Google does not offer monetary rewards for crowdsourcing. As they say, Crowdsource is a community effort where they rely on the goodwill of their community members to uplift the already existing services like Google Maps, Android Keyboard, Google Translator, etc. These data are really essential to improve their machine learning algorithms.

So, if we go on talking more about the tasks, the first thing is, they are really really simple. They are just fun and are a good way to spend your leisure time. And the benefit is, the more you contribute, there is more chance that Google services will extend its services, which in turn will be helpful for all individuals worldwide. Another thing is, with more contributions from your native language, you can bring about multiple benefits from Google to your country by making your language stand out. The more data they receive from your mother language, the more are the services they will come up with. There is a huge community for Google crowdsourcing even today. So, try it yourself. You are simply going to love it.

On a final note, if you are interested in being a part of this fascinating community, then the best chance to start is at your doorstep. The FOSS Community of NSBM Green University organizes a Google Crowdsource event for you all. FOSS NSBM was the first to initiate a Crowdsource campus club for the first time in Sri Lanka. This is the third consecutive event FOSS NSBM is conducting in relevance with Google Crowdsource. Be ready for the challenge. A lot of surprises and gifts await your contribution. Let’s build up the future of technology!

Registration Link: https://fossnsbm.org/events/

Date: 17th of March 2021

Time: 10.00 am onwards

Venue: NSBM Green University Town, Mahenwatta, Pitipana, Homagama