It’s pretty sure that when you guys using your Android phone, you need it to be safe and secure. For this purpose, now you have Google Play Protect – Google’s comprehensive security service for Android. This makes you feel much comfortable with the powerful protection and visibility to your device security.

Google Play protect works always to keep your device, data and everything safe. This always keeps eye on your mobile, so yes you can stay rest with no worries.

This runs a safety check on apps even before when you download apps in Google Play Store. It checks the device for potential harmful apps(malware) which are from other sources. If any harmful app is found out, it warns you about that with a notification and with your permission removes those identified harmful apps from your device. Also it checks the status of your device. If you want, you have the capability to turn Play Protect on or off but I think it’s better to keep it turn on for security.


Another biggest risk that you guys must face is the risk of losing your phone. But don’t worry, Play Protect gives you the best solution. ‘Find My Device’ comes as a part of Google Play Protect and with that you can locate, ring, lock and erase your Android Device. So now you don’t have to be afraid, just download the Play Protect from Google Play Store and stay relaxed.