The “menu button” was one of the most used buttons on the navigation bar in early days of Android. Eventually, with the introduction of the Galaxy Nexus, Google replaced it into “recent apps” of the user, but menus appeared on devices all the way up to the Galaxy S4 and others. Everyone uses recent apps, even though there is a menu button. At such point, Google has quietly added a menu button to the Pixel 2.

Usually, navigation bar found at the bottom of Android devices with three buttons. Pixel 2 also has three navigation buttons, including the back, home, and multitasking buttons. But a fourth menu button can be found in the lower right corner of the screen, after the multitasking button. Tap on it, and it’ll open the on-screen menu that appears at the top. This is a great throwback feature when comparing the Android’s navigation bar used to work earlier. The strange fact here is Google never mentioned it when the phone’s launching.

What if that button does not work everywhere!!!  It works in the Settings app, but not in Google Maps, Inbox or Photos which are some of the most important apps on any Android device.

The hidden menu button was caught by Android Police, said the best explanation is that it was a mistake in development and then it was confirmed by CNET. But when turn into Google; they made it clear that this was actually a bug, not an intended feature. Google also said that they will “fix” the bug soon, meaning that the secret menu isn’t long for this world.