While you have to pay for some software to take use of them free and open source software let you to use them without paying money.You might not used them because of lack of awareness.In order to take the message of free and open source software and with the aim of developing software projects using open source software to the society in year 2003 Lanka Software Foundation (LSF) was established with the vision of positioning Sri Lanka as a “global Free and Open Source (FOSS) Research & Development hub” and mission of “Fueling FOSS in Sri Lanka”. Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana and Mr. Jivaka Weeratunge are considered as the founders of LSF.

By now they have successfully produced global open source projects such as; Apache Axis 2 C++, Apache Axis2 Java; a Disaster Management System by the name of Sahana, Karsha financial data analysis and also contributed to Apache Geronimo.Actually their projects have been funded by global organizations such as SIDA, Google, IBM, Globus, University of Maryland and locally – ICT Agency.

Board of Directors of Lanka Software Foundation can be represent as follows

Throughout the 15 years of journey in LSF there are number of milestones and this is the time to recall them as they celebrating their 15 years of excellency.The journey began in year 2003 after established LSF as a company limited by guarantee and as a “not for profit” organization.

Then year 2003 LSF was started the project Sahana.Sahana is a Free and Open Source Disaster Management system.In year 2007 the project “E-Science” , Open Grid Computing Environment Toolkit and 2010 “Ninithi”  Visualizing and analysing the carbon allotropes used in nanotechnology was begun.In year 2013 LSF has done the  research project related to the financial industry called “Karsha”.Right now they are ready deploy Email Solution called “Copper-Mail”.

Actually they deserved to get appreciation for their dedication.There are number of achievements that they acquired throughout the 15 years of time and here are some of them.

  • 2008 Sahana : Free Software Award
  • 2009 Dcache : E-Swabhimani
  • 2010 Ninithi : E-Swabhimani
  • 2010 Ninithi : National Best Quality Software Awards
  • 2010 Ninithi : Manthan Awards South Asia
  • 2010 Ninithi : APICTA Awards
  • 2016 KARSHA – Visualizer : E-Swabhimani awards

Other than this LSF has well planned internship programs since 2013 and there are number of personalities who get started their journey from LSF and now they reached to the very high positions in IT industry.

Another thing that we can not forget when we talk about LSF is FOSS.FOSS is the community which works with LSF in collaborative manner and LSF is the one who behind the revamping of FOSS.LK.For sure we will write you about Foss Community Sri Lanka very soon.

So now this is the time to know about their future plans!According to them they Writing common infrastructure solutions such as for Email / Collaboration, Identity Management and Analytics, Building a government scale org chart to map all government activity to improve transparency, Building systems such as issue tracking solutions to help improve productivity of government organizations with the aim of building software to help run Sri Lanka.LK Domain Registry,99X Technology and WSO2 are current financial contributors for these projects.


Finally as the team of GGSLK we would like to add our Sincere greetings to the Lanka Software Foundation for their 15th anniversary and we wish you could achieve all your future plans as much as you expect.

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