Today we are going to tell you about a news from Microsoft. It is the redesign of Microsoft Outlook email application. Though Microsoft thinks that the updated version is better than the previous one, some people may prefer to the previous one. Therefore they let you toggle between the new look and the classic look.

The Microsoft team is very much concerned about giving more flexibility to the user regarding the new design. So you are capable of deciding what features should be added to your outlook and not.

If you are a user of the outlook mobile application, you will come across the equality between the new outlook redesign and the mobile application. This redesign is not available in Mac yet. However, you can use it on the web anytime.[image 2]

The goal of this outlook redesign is to reduce the complexity of the outlook interface on both Mac and Windows. A new customizable ribbon let you decide your own common features. A navigation bar in the left side let you for quick access to various accounts as in outlook for IOS. While the customizable ribbon and the navigation bar is available for both Mac and windows, more improvements are added to Mac search and calendar. It will increase the speed of searching and will help to manage appointments properly.

Microsoft is not sure when will be the new design is available for whole users and they are still testing the internal version. So in the interim, new features like sliding on a trackpad to delete messages and the ability to insert tables into emails are coming soon to the outlook for Mac.

So I hope the news sounds good to Mac users as well as Windows users!