Most Android users cannot survive without having SMS on their mobile phones. So why is this?

Yeah, there are some reasons still left with people to love SMS!

  • Easiness of using SMS in anywhere rather than other chat applications.
  • Without barriers, SMS can be used for communication with any type of mobile user.

With the time people invent the number of chat application which facilitates more features than SMS like Whatsapp,Viber etc. Those applications had enough capability to attract humans than SMS. Reasons for such a situation can be listed as follows.

  • The ability to send high-quality images and videos.
  • Features as using stickers throughout the chat
  • Having a User-Friendly Interface

With many of these reasons, Google wants to create a messaging component that allows each of these features. They are getting ready to replace the default incoming SMS messaging system in Android phones with the Google Chat like iMessage Service in iPhones

Let’s discuss how they going to achieve this with Google Chat

  • The technology which called RCS(Rich Connection Services) is used in this google chat application
  • It is must to have a data connection when you are using google chat.

Actually, the currently using SMS gives plenty of benefits for the mobile companies rather than users. Because when compared to the Whatsapp messaging system, cost per regular SMS is considerably higher than a Whatsapp message.

Google chat messaging will come with every android phone as an inbuilt app, and Microsoft has also expressed interest in this. So Google chat can also be used on our desktops. There we may scan QR code once and use google chat in desktops as we are using Whatsapp.

However when this will come to us is decide on, who is going to first launch mobile phone which has Google Chat, as in-built applications. To find out more about this, we need to be patient.

Till that you can watch this video to be updated more about google chat.