There is an update in MacBook pro.After identifying problems with butterfly mechanism in its MacBook keyboards. Now company is addressing its underlying design. Users are complaining about stuck and keys which are unresponsive.

Now Apple is saying it is using several mechanism which is solving the above acknowledge problem.In addition to that company is extending standard one year warranty for keyboard related issues.So we can qualify for our keyboard issues even our one year is up.

Now Apple will replace all butterfly switch without any payment.Apple has said that it has changed the material used in butterfly keyboard for the avoidance of double typing characters.

Apple introduced butterfly switch design in 2015.It is an effort to make notebooks thinner and lighter.The butterfly switch mechanism has replaced scissors mechanism.

Certain models with unexpectedly repeated characters and characters do not display.

So Third generation keyboard was designed to solve the problem.If the keyboard it can be changed for four years after purchase.Apple will prioritize replacement of keyboard.

Along with keyboard ,there are some other updates,The 15-inch and 13-inch computers are shipped with 8th and 9th generation core processors and powerful processor which includes 8-core processor.

The 15-inch features Turbo Boost sppeds up to 5.0 GHz 6.0 GHz and 8-core processors. The 13-inch is with touch bar which offers up to 4.7 times the Turbo Boost spped.