Microsoft has announced that it will rebuild their browser Edge, to run on Chromium. Chromium is the same web-rendering engine that powers Google Chrome. Nothing will change, Microsoft Edge won’t go away, nor the brand name will change, only such things like the website rendering consistency will start to show changes. And it will certainly be better than it is now.

Reasons Behind New Changes

It is a known fact that Edge is terribly behind where Chrome is today. And websites are being optimized for Chrome, and Google has also started to make Chrome-only web services. Users have been asking for better web compatibility, and the move to Chromium would solve these problems immediately.

Then is the fact that Edge being exclusive to Windows 10. A lot of businesses have machines running on both Windows 7 and 10, and they’ve been wanting Edge across all Windows versions. So along with the rebuilding, Edge will be brought to Windows 7 and 8 as well, and it will also become a downloadable executable, making getting updates far more frequently than it is now.

And this change is also caused greatly by web developers. And that is because a lot of them are using Mac OS to develop and test sites. Edge is not available on Mac, so it is required for them to dual boot Windows on Mac machines to test their sites on Edge because it is only available on Windows. So this issue would no more be there because Microsoft will bringing edge to Mac.

When We Will Get to Try the New Version of Edge?

It is said that Microsoft is not yet ready to start distributing any beta builds of new Edge until early next year. Microsoft is inviting the open-source community who are developing web browsers to join them to contribute to this rebuilding of Edge and the Chromium project. “We are excited about the opportunity to be an even-more-active part of this community and bring the best of Microsoft forward to continue to make the web better for everyone.” Says Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Windows.




Source: The Verge