Today most of us engage with tech field.Even babies today.They all like to learn new things.Unfortunately most common problem of people who willing to learn technical topics, face is there are less number of sources which describes those topics in very simple manner.Therefore they face so many difficulties.In that type of situation we are so glad to inform you that Microsoft invent new Tech lab called Microsoft Story Labs which helps people to know technical things in very simple way,which consist of attractive video episodes.

When we talk about Microsoft Story Labs,most famous category of it is Explanimators. In there we can see technical topics which are very hit and well famous among all over the people.

Here are some Examples for Explanimators

The Animated Guide to Quantum Computing

  • Quantum Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Reading
  • Mixed Reality
  • Internet of Things

  • Artificial Intelligence

More episodes coming soon!

By looking at these topics you will realize that these are the trending topics in today world.And also the reason of these stories become more closed to us is ,they are using examples around Microsoft products.

Other than Explanimators there are few more categories.One of them is “profile”.In there you can find out the profiles and what are their innovative discovers to the tech field.Microsoft Story labs describe about those profile in very interesting way.

Here are few examples

Another category is which renamed as “features”.It consists of stories which based on new features.Actually there is no one specific author.But however it is clear for all of us that all these things run under the Microsoft.

This is only an introduction about Microsoft Story Labs.Future we hope to write further about these stories.Till that you can keep watching these videos and get and brief idea about this new invention.