Moto 360 sport is a smart watch where innovation and sophistication meet. It sticks with a stainless steel casing. Also it’s similar to the Apple watch. Android Ware 2.0 is an update for Google’s smartwatch OS like Android for smartphones. They say that it was the biggest update made for Google’s smartwatch OS. It comes with whole new features that emphasis on custom watch faces, fitness and standalone apps.
 After taking over the Moto Company by Lenovo lot of things were changed. For instance, the phones are modular and the watches are, well nonexistent. The company still likely to be supporting the older wearables, although owners of the Moto 360 Sport might disagree there. They have been waiting on an update to Android Wear 2.0 for ages, but it looks like the OTA is finally about to roll out.

The regular second-gen Moto 360 was a flop after it was being released. It was pulled from the Google Store after just a few months, and there were steep discounts elsewhere. It’s hard to justify the resources to update something like that, but you can’t just leave the owners behind.

While ago Lenovo/Moto put up a new support page with details of the Wear 2.0 update, indicating that it will start soon. With Ware 2.0 updated to the Moto 360, it will support on device Play Store, watch face complications, and revamped UI. There is also a new way to manage notifications. It has the build number NXH20Z. People have started updating their Moto 360s with Android ware 2.0. With this update Moto 360 will sure have an up rise in the market.