MySQL is a structured query language used by the developers, especially related to the Databases. It is widely used in software industry and also it is the most popular among not only the professionals but also students and beginners. There are mainly four functions performed by the MySQL regarding DATABASE. They are: Create, Read, Update, and Delete, usually called as “CRUD”.

21st century is depended on KNOWLEDGE, can be referred as POWER. DATABASES provide access to store the useful information to improve knowledge and make decisions. Since few Decades from Traditional files to CLOUD, MySQL builds important bridge through technology with various evolution.

The latest release MySQL 8.0 gives amazing experience in working with databases and it has UNIQUE new features when comparing to old versions. The, owner of the MYSQL has considered about various facts when releasing his new version.


MySQL 8.0 has great performance when comparing to the previous versions and also it has more security features. An amazing thing is it  support with IPV6 manipulations and it is most suitable for the future. New version  is more reliable and most friendly for user experience. We can expect better Unicode support, better JSON and document handling from the latest version.

MySQL has focused on Stability, High Availability and Performance of the their new release. They have improved Security and Manageability to user’s flexibility. Their one of main ambition is to build developer friendly product for the whole world. They have developed this product CLOUD friendly, So developers can easily deal with the cloud services.

MySQL is widely used in development process because of few facts. it is free and open source product. So anyone can use it with a little knowledge and it can be used with any kind of application such as desktop or web based projects.