Hey smart phone crazy guys, there is a good news for you!!!Google is going to introduce a new version of android called ANDROID P.These days Google is giving a preview for that.

First of all, what is android? Android is a mobile platform which consists of an operating system, middleware and applications. So android P has been developed adding new features to those things.

How can you obtain this preview to your apps? Here is the way…

1 st way: set up an android emulator in android studio and have the preview.

2 nd way: download a developer preview system image and flash the device.

image notifications

Ok now you are aware of how to obtain the preview. Then another question may arise in your mind. How do the changes in android P affect apps?Some changes affect all the apps and some affect only apps which target  android P.Android P has increased privacy.So the ability of background apps to access user inputs and sensor data is limited.

Let’s see how can you migrate apps to android P.

1.You should check whether your app is fully functional on this platform.In this level API or target sdk version is not changed.

2.Update your target sdk version to P.

indoor positioning

There are many advantages of this new version as it is simple, speed and capable of giving new ways to extend your apps.you can see some new ways below…

  • Messaging style and other notification updates: when you receive an image as a message, it is visible in message notifications too.
  • Image decoder for bitmaps and drawables: This is a modified advantage to android app developers.
  • Display cutout support: Android P offers support for the latest edge-to-edge screens with display cutout for camera and speaker.
  • Multi camera support: you can use 2 or more cameras simultaneously with android P.
  • Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT: you can have a new experience using indoor positioning. That is like you navigate inside a building.

let’s enjoy ANDROID P….