Here’s the trending technologies and education to look out for 2019!

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud Computing will continue to make learning a more positive experience for pupils. Students will no longer worry about files and documents. Buying multiple USB flash drives to save their assignments. Essays, content related to projects, schedules and assignments will be shared more easily and securely on the cloud, such as Google Docs.


According to the use of technology in education in 2018, STEM classes are perceived as the most technologically-advanced of the curriculum. More traditional arts and humanities subjects.

Trends in technology, and the increased use of education in technology across the entire curriculum, indicates that creativity will return to the forefront of education. Incorporating elements of creativity into STEM subjects has undeniable benefits including increasing the accessibility across genders, and engaging different types of learners. The STEAM approach will take more shape in 2019.

Mobile-style education

Today, many pupils own a mobile device. Mobile learning will also offer greater flexibility and accessibility for learning at home. Connecting mobile technology and devices within the classroom will allow teachers to provide a fully immersive, integrated learning experience for all learning styles and abilities.

Innovations and trends in technology across businesses and enterprise are giving SMTs more advanced tools and better forms of education in technology to improve their school’s results and enhance their teachers’ pedagogy. Innovative teachers, meanwhile, are getting more creative with their education in technology, finding ways to use technology for differentiated learning and increased engagement.

Virtual and augmented reality

With the release of increasingly affordable and accessible VR accessories, we can expect more from this technology in 2019. The number of free apps and teaching platforms designed specifically for virtual education is growing. VR and AR will move from experimental to ubiquitous in learning. Work with your IT team to review the available devices, and make sure you investigate the costs of emulating a real work environment effectively.