What do you do if one of your friends ask you to send your current location to him or her in order to find you? What I do is open up my Google Maps application and send the current location link to my friend. Sometimes these links may not work properly as we expected because of our sharing errors. Do you know that we have a smarter way to simply share our addresses or locations only using 6 digits? This is where interesting Google Plus Codes come in to play.

“Google Plus Codes”, a new feature to Google Maps was developed at Google’s Zurich engineering office and released on late October 2014. Google Plus Codes contains a 6 or 7-digit code to pin point the locations on the map making your life easier rather than dealing with location coordinates. If you want to search for a place after receiving a shared Google Plus Code you just have to enter the 6 or 7-digit code into the input field in Google Maps as shown below.

We can get a plus code for any location on the Google Map where you drop a pin on. These plus codes can be searched on both Google search bar and Google Maps. Plus codes are very useful when it comes to circumstances like where we don’t have specific street addresses to share with. Google Plus Codes simply works as a postal address, which both Google search engine and Google Maps can identify.

Plus Codes are only available in the Android and IOS Google Maps app, not in the web interface. If you want to find a plus code, you can visit this link http://plus.codes and then share the received location. Usually a Plus Code basically includes two different types of information.

  • 6 or 7 letters and numbers
  • A town or a city

These codes help different kinds of levels from a single human being to a multi-national organization. Following is the three simple steps to find the plus code for a location.

  1. Open the Google Maps app
  2. Touch and hold a place to drop the pin
  3. Refer the plus code at the bottom

Open up your Google Maps application now itself and check whether you have the latest update of the Google Maps to enjoy this interesting feature from Google !