With the aim of sharing knowledge in Google Cloud Platform and other related technologies, ‘Google Cloud Developer Community Sri Lanka’ organized “Next ’18 Extended Sri Lanka” on 18th of August 2018 at Dialog Auditorium with 100+ participants. The event began around 9.30 am and it ran for more than 2 hours in a very interactive manner. All the participants had been informed to bring their laptops along with Docker and gcloud CLI tools installed. Therefore all the participants were ready for the event from the very beginning.

Let’s see how the flow of the event was and what audience gathered at the end of the day.

How was the flow of Next ’18 Extended

The first session of the event was conducted by Milindu Sanoj Kumarage, who is a Software Engineer at Sysco Labs, and it was about creating a multi-staged dockers. All the participants went through with that hands-on session as Milindu was able to lend a hand to each and every one individually.

Next, it was time to get into more about GCP. For that, the team Google Cloud Sri Lanka built an online bridge with Sreenivas Makam who is a Partner Engineer at Google Cloud. He described the goals of cloud service platform and the way of using it, etc. and demonstrated an example for it too.

Soon after that session, there was a short break and all the participants were able to get to know each other and tight up their connections at that time.Then Ruwan Ranganath, who is a Senior DevOps engineer at WSO2 Telco, got into to the stage and attract the audience with an interesting and straightforward session regarding DevOps . That was the final session and it was wound up with a demonstration of a successful deployment.

What audience gathered from Next ’18 Extended

Other than the knowledge on Google Cloud Platform and DevOps relating things we are pretty sure all the participants were able to gather much more things within that hours. Actually, the biggest reason for the success of the event is it was really interactive.

Participants were able to clarify any of their questions which regarding the today topic. And also presenters of the day asked number of questions and all the guys and girls who gave the correct answers won nice swags. In addition to the knowledge, participants were able to bag so many other things and a memorable group photo at the end of the day.

The event was concluded around 1.00pm after a delightful group photo. Stay tuned with GDG Sri Lanka to get into another memorable experience in near future.