Digitally generating real-like images has not always been a walk in the park, particularly as far as color is concerned.

Color is not really a static thing and can be interpreted in different ways by the variety of displays and cameras. We now have a gadget that scans any color directly in our devices from any layer, and it is quite effective.

The Nix color sensor line, including the accessible Nix Mini (usually $99) and the more advanced Nix Pro 2 (usually $349). The Pro isn’t larger than a golf ball and the Mini is about the size of a large coin.

For those who integrate color into professional life and workflow, the Nix Mini is perfect. This includes the following:

  • Color consultants
  • Print technicians
  • Graphic designers
  • Paint Store Owners who are looking to optimize their paint selling process
  • Architects
  • or anyone looking to paint their home

In their use and design, these tools are surprisingly simple, but they do their job incredibly well. The main purpose is to give you a digital representation of an analog color that could be the color of any surface you find.

How is it going to work? There is a small lens and sensor inside the diamond-shaped plastic case that can capture any analog color and give you the digital interpretation of it.

The sensors have built-in batteries that charge through Micro USB, and since when in action they don’t really use that much power, you can get around 3,000 individual surface scans from a single full battery. 

Using them is also fantastically easy:

  1. Download an app (Nix has three, including one for digital color capture, one for painting, and one for Pro users with additional info useful for professional paint shops and other applications)
  2. Pair one of the devices (they should show up automatically once charged)
  3. Press a button in the app to scan a surface, holding the Nix up to that surface.

The process is super-fast, and the results are different depending on which app you are using. Once you select your preferred brand in the Nix Paints app, it will give you the closes you can match off. And the ‘ Digital ‘ app allows you to see all the HEX and other values that you would use for web or digital product design, as well as building pallets that work together for project work.

Nix Pro offers a range of color readings that professionals use for incredibly-accurate matching and measuring, and you can use the built-in paint library again to match accurately, or the color values to have a batch mixed to your specifications.

Nix can scan almost any surface, including all kinds of paints and fabrics, as well as tiles and other floors. It’s an item which makes what has been a pretty messy process in the past very simple and painless, and it’s also adjusted out of the box so there’s nothing the user has to do to ensure color accuracy when actually using it.