Did you ever try to ask any question from Google Home when it is casting audio? If so you’re probably aware of that Assistant can’t really help you because it can’t hear you properly. To overcome this, the Assistant will now automatically lower the volume of any music, video playing on speakers or TVs .For example if you’re casting a video to your TV from your Google Home and when you want to ask a question, your TV sound will lower when you say the command “OK Google”. So the Assistant can clearly understand what you’re saying. This low volume level will stay until you are finished with talking to Assistant.

However, this default feature will not work when the following conditions,

  • When you are casting music on a group of Cast devices.
  • If the casting content on a TV or speaker using a mobile phone but not started with your voice.
  • When casting content on an Android TV devices with fixed volume such as Nexus Player
  • When casting content on a Chromecast built-in speaker or TV, or Android TV running Chromecast firmware version older than 1.25. (Check your firmware version)
  • If the TV shows and movies playback is done at 5.1 surround sound.

Even though Google’s support page says that this feature is live now, some users don’t have this capability yet. If you’d like this feature live to you, navigate to the devices section in your Google Home app, and enable the option called Lower volume when listening. But if there is any reason, you would like turn this functionality off, you can simply tap the checkbox or slide the slider off of that option.

However this feature makes talking to your Google Assistant much easier. Why don’t you try it now with your Google Home?