Now, for those who are familiar with e-commerce , the concept of a payment gateway can’t be a new thing.While there’re a lots of payment service providers available in Sri Lanka,we still have some problems regarding payments when doing e- business. Judging by the facilities they are going to offer ,it seems as if PayHere would be just the solution for these issues.

PayHere is a payment gateway that’s very user friendly ,affordable and an innovative solution offered by FinTech Company, PayHere (private) limited together with Sampath Bank PLC. The payment gateway service charges the customers on the behalf of PayHere account holder . Local banks and and telco networks are connected to PayHere and the amount the customers pay goes to the PayHere account and then it’s directly transferred to the associated Sampath Bank account.

Hear are a few benefits or the reasons why you should consider using PayHere for your e-business activities:

Lesser cost:
The PayHere account is completely free with no setup fees or annual fees.Account holders only have to pay a transaction fee after receiving each payment.This transaction fee would be cheaper when comparing to the amount the local banks charge to integrate their plugins to e-commerce websites.

Ease of Use:
Users just have to send a PayHere link to their customer to receive a payment(means that they can do transactions even if they don’t have an app or an e-commerce web site)Also , if they have a website or an app, they can just integrate PayHere to their web site using plugins ,Mobile SDK or checkout API.

Ability of reaching to customers more:
PayHere offers many payment methods including traditional methods like credit/debit cards ,internet banking payments and more modern ways like eZcash and mCash mobile wallets and Sampath PayApp.This means that the merchants will have a better chance at reaching to their customers.

Supports multiple currencies:
Right now only Rupees and USD are supported but soon foreign currencies including GBP and EUR will be supported by PayHere so that the users are given a more flexible chance when doing payments.

Reach any corner of the world:
Account holders can reach the whole globe since PayHere can accept payments using any Visa or Master card around the world.

High security:
PayHeres’ partner bank,Sampath bank guarantees bank-level security to all payments and accounts.

Now with all these benefits, how exactly would you use PayHere ? because benefits will be useless if using the solution is not simple enough without any hassle . There are three ways for that.

PayHere Links-
This is especially beneficial for smallest businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t possess an app or a website. They can display PayHere links right next to their product item on their facebook page.

PayHere plugins-
PayHere offers Plugins Prestashop, WHMCS,Woo Commerce ,Magneto ,ZenCart, UberCart and openCart which can be installed to the merchants’ e-commerce site.This would be ideal for small business trying on e-commerce.

PayHere checkout buttons-
Checkout buttons are embedded to the website to accept payments. To process the orders, the payment status are sent back to the merchants’ website. Medium and large scale businesses will be most privileged by these.

After reading about the all the good aspects of PayHere, According to Mr Dhanika Perera ,the founder of PayHere, it launched. For now, merchants can request for accounts. Click hear to log on to the official site of PayHere.