You might already be aware that Google records your Google Assistant queries after a wake word has been said by you. But there is something you actually might not know. That is a handful of these recordings are reviewed by contractors (0.2%). VRT NWS released a report about how they listened to thousands of recordings, which also included couple’s address and personal information about families which were leaked by a whistle blower who works for Google.

These are not related with user accounts. But people might reveal their names and addresses. Google does not start recordings until people say “hey Google” or “OK ,Google”. Sometimes there is a chance of mishearing conversations and recording unwanted conversations by Google. This sometimes needs to be transcribed by language experts who were hired by Google.

Google says transcribing is critical to create speech technology which understands all languages. According to company, transcribers are not allowed to transcribe background conversations only audio directed to Google.

Amazon also uses humans to review and transcribe audio.A google Spokesman told that company will clarify how they use users’ data. Practicing recording and transcribing is industry wise practice. Only thing we consider is how the company uses the users’ private information.