Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber are experimenting various features from time to time. By a chance, if a feature introduced by one app is embraced massively by its users, then that specific feature will be available within the other messaging apps with no time. That’s how the trends follow. Facebook Messenger also rolled out such a feature. Do you know what that feature is? Messenger very recently came up with the quoted reply feature! 

What is this quoted reply feature?

This is the feature which allows a user to quote messages and reply them directly during a chat. This quoted reply feature seems to be very useful specially within group chats. Sometimes when the chat goes on, it’s easy to lose track of what message exactly someone is responding to. Sometimes you might try to answer a friend’s question. But just before you send your answer, another friend might ask another question or send some other message. At such instances, quoted reply helps you to quote the exact message you’re responding to. This will always make response more meaningful. 

How will quoted reply feature work with Messenger?

It works as similar as the Whatsapp quoted reply feature. Earlier when you hold down on an individual message you got emojis to be replied with. With this latest feature rolled out, when you hold down on a message, not only the emojis appear, but also a reply option. This will attach a quoted version of the original message to your response. These replies will still appear in line with the rest of the chat, yet can be considered useful. 

Why had Messenger thought to come up with quoted reply feature?

This Quoted Reply feature at first became popular with the Facebook owned messaging app Whatsapp. It’s obvious that almost all the Whatsapp users use this feature in order to increase the clarity within their conversations. Since this feature was massively loved, Facebook has thought that this will be a good feature to work on with, to make Messenger more interesting and to attract users towards it more and more. Hence, they have started working with this feature. As mentioned earlier, it comes as an expansion of the company’s existing reaction emoji.  

With Messenger adapting this feature, it seems that Facebook company is ready to make Whatsapp and Messenger work more similarly. Let’s see how Messenger users will embrace this change.